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SanDiego Dentists in Tijuana Criss Melendrez dental clinic
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Smile Tijuana Dentistry, your holistic dentist in Tijuana

Art Dentistry is what Smile Tijuana dentists know. We provide superior quality at great prices. Dentists at Smile Tijuana offer dental implants, root canals, oral surgery, veneers, cosmetic dentistry, Zirconium and E-Max ceramic crowns, and overall mouth rehabilitation.

Smile Tijuana dentists offer a holistic approach for your dental care to ensure you get the best biocompatible products and protocols available for a comprehensive healthcare.

At Smile Tijuana dentist, we build a relation of trust with our patients by offering them the best quality materials on the market and by treating our patients like special individuals which is the key of our success. We understand how uncomfortable some people may feel about their teeth or a visit to the dentist and we are dedicated to provide you with the best personalized care to make your visits as comfortable and pleasant as possible for an overall positive experience.

Get the smile of your dream for 70% less! 

Dental office in San Diego, California or anywhere in United States are expensive compared to dentist in Tijuana, Mexico.

This has always been the way for decades, and is particularly true when it comes to complicated works such as dental implants, root canals with crowns, bridges, and bone grafts.

These services are unaffordable to most Americans. In most cases, it is impossible for them to get the best dental care to fix their problem. They are then forced to remain with the problem, which gets worse over time and pricier.

It is the main reason why Americans and Canadians are flocking into Tijuana dentist, Mexico to have their teeth fixed. At our dental office in Tijuana, they can find the same quality of service like one back home at a much lower price: usually 60-70% off prices in the U.S and Canada.

Dental Work with the Highest Professional Standards

dentists in Tijuana dentist will make you smile dentist in Tijuana

Besides our modern equipment, you’ll find a team of trained and experienced Dentists at Smile Tijuana: our dentists are all licensed and accredited. They will personally take care of your complete dental work in Mexico every step of the way – and for any work size from cosmetic dentistry to full mouth rehabilitation. Smile Tijuana dentists only use the best quality tools and products from US and Europe – no cheap material! Dentist in Tijuana

Holistic dental care in Tijuana

Safety in amalgam (silver fillings) removal is a growing concern among our customers because it contains mercury. Holistic dentists have developed a protocol with oxygen mask, adapted vacuum and a technique that minimizes the possibility of poisoning the patient when removing amalgams. This holistic protocol is a little more expensive but will guarantee you minimal mercury absorption while taking out silver fillings from your teeth. For more information, click here: Holistic dentist in Tijuana.

Smile Extreme Makeover

Are you ready to improve your smile for a brighter face? We can offer you a Smile Extreme Makeover to help boost your self-esteem. Full mouth makeover is affordable here in Mexico and we have special packages to ensure you get what you want. Smile Tijuana’s dentists offer you great value for your money. Because we combine neuromuscular dentistry with cosmetic dentistry, Full Mouth Rehabilitation creates functional, comfortable and beautiful smile. For more information, click here: Tijuana Dentist new smile

cosmetic dentist in Tijuana dentists

Our Commitment

At Smile Tijuana dentist, we value our customers and that is why we have qualified dentists to offer you quality dental service, and ensure safety and cleanliness. Our prices are low, and we guarantee total satisfaction. If you feel that your problem has not been fixed after receiving a service in our clinic, we will fix it at no additional cost.

Is Tijuana a safe place for tourists?

There are rumors and exaggerated news about safety here in Mexico. Do not let this alarm you. Tourists are NOT in danger here. Compared to most cities in America, Tijuana is a safer place to be. The government in Tijuana has things under control.

Our patients from Canada and the U.S are usually surprised to find out how peaceful this place is. If unsure of your safety here, give us a call and we’ll connect you to our patients and friends in United States and Canada who had visit here recently. They will tell you about their experience here.

Tijuana cosmetic dentist Tijuana dentistasWe also suggest you visit iliveintijuana.com It’s a website made by a Canadian living in Tijuana who invites you to discover the area and its treasures. You can also get great tips and recommen-dations about restaurants, accommodation and things to do.